Friday, May 8, 2009

What started it all...

We're moving from a house we had built in 2000 to a 1965 split level currently occupied by the original owners.
The house is in fantastic condition, as are all of the original 1965 fixtures and 1965 wallpaper.

We're looking forward to getting in there Thursday and starting the process of updating every room -- from the dark wood-panelled family room, to the Pepto-Bismol pink master bathroom, to the closed-off dark kitchen.

We are planning on doing all the work ourselves. We have watched a lot of HGTV and DIY Network. We might be over confident. We might be in over our heads.

We are almost certainly crazy.

We plan on updating our progress as we move through the various projects. We have learned a lot from other people's project blogs, and we hope someone else as crazy as us might find it helpful.

At the very least, we'll let you know where to get your straitjacket.

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