Saturday, May 9, 2009

List of Projects

In the rough order in which we plan to tackle them, here is the list of projects we intend to start working on once we move in:
  1. Paint over the dark wood panelling in the family room and take down wallpaper and re-paint the office. Once that's done, we'll have wall-to-wall carpeting installed over the vinyl tile.
  2. Strip the wallpaper and paint our 6-year-old daughter's room. Getting her feeling comfortable and settled early in the process will help her in the transition.
  3. Gut and re-do the kitchen, including taking down a non-load-bearing wall, stripping wallpaper, laying a new porcelain tile floor, installing new cabinets and counters and re-painting. This could take a while.
  4. Strip the wallpaper from the dining room, living room and foyer and re-paint.
  5. Strip the wallpaper from the master bedroom and re-paint. Possibly install ceiling fan.
  6. Replace the vanity and sink in the upstairs bathroom, install new vent fan, strip wallpaper and paint. Possibly retile the floor.
  7. Strip the wallpaper from the master bath, replace vanity and sink and repaint. Possibly retile the floor.
  8. Strip the wallpaper and repaint the hallway.
  9. Strip the wallpaper and repaint the guest room.
  10. Strip the wallpaper and repaint the downstairs half bath.
  11. Paint over the dark wood panelling in the laundry room.
As part of the interior work, I plan on running new wires to just about every room for cable, internet and telephone. My plan is to have two Cat 5e (one for voice and one for data) and one coaxial cable outlet in every room, all terminating in a central distribution hub in the basement. Most of the rooms will be accesible from the crawl-space attic or from the basement below, so fishing the wire shouldn't be too much trouble.

In addition, there are some exterior projects which will be weather-dependent:
  1. Re-paint the trim (going from robin's egg blue to a forest green).
  2. Powerwash patio pavers and re-set to slope away from foundation.
  3. Powerwash then paint or drylok concrete stairs leading to backyard.
It's an ambitious list, but other than the kitchen, it's not really rocket science. We've got this great wallpaper removal system from Wallwik which is supposed to make that task a piece of cake. And we have lots of painting experience from preparing our house for selling.

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